Why B2BAdvantage?
B2BAdvantage is a unique breakthrough solution combining Epsilon Targeting's Abacus Cooperative™ database with Infogroup Targeting Solutions' b2bdatawarehouse. It is designed to offer mailers multichannel transactional data together with unlimited list selections producing the largest most comprehensive universe of its kind. Companies will save money and increase their return on investment by simplifying their marketing process, increasing their performance and leveraging the best data sources and analytics available.
B2BAdvantage is an end to end solution that offers a single source of purchasing power and brokerage expertise that enables marketers to launch simplified, efficient, and higher performing campaigns. It is the only database positioned to deliver transactional modeled data at both the site and contact level extending to 30 million sites. This type of high value data is second to none for precisely targeting the right prospects retaining current customers and activating lapsed buyers.
Benefits of using the B2BAdvantage
  • Transaction Based Multichannel Data
  • Pay Only for What you Mail
  • Single Fulfillment
  • Improved Performance of Customer File
  • Superior Analytics and Insight
  • Proprietary In-house Technology
  • Most Recent Data on the Market
  • Combined Expertise and Collaborative Approach

How it Works?
Using the B2BAdvantage is simple… Your single point of contact will work with you to align your existing customer file with billions of transactions and unlimited list selections to provide a modeled solution at the site and contact level. Your file is delivered with a unique set of records with similar characteristics that most resemble your ideal customer. B2BAdvantage is truly a vast pool of unparalleled data built to simplify your online and offline campaign needs while saving you money and maximizing your ROI.